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Penarth Library takes a direct hit from a guided missile.... Pity just when they've repaired the clock Too late to take that library book back now.   Penarth Library takes a direct hit from a guided missile…. Pity, just when they’ve repaired the clock too.

A YouTube sci-fi video series based in Penarth has come up with  the most spectacular special effects ever seen on the streets of the town.

The comedy web-series has now reached its eighth episode with its producers creating ever more elaborate and convincing scenes.

A helicopter crashes on the zebra crossing. Where are the Vale of Glamorgan traffic enforcement officers when you need them? A helicopter crashes on the zebra crossing – and as usual not a single Vale traffic enforcement officer in sight.

The videos are  been  made  by “OnTheFritz” & “StreetsAhead Productions” and  produced by and stars  Fritz O’Skennick & Nigel Streeter with Nicola Rodgers, Chris Woods, Dave Robinson, Vilis Kuksa, Will Ford, Adam Foreman & Sue Marsh.

Just another normal day in Penarth Town Centre  - pedestrians have to wend their way past a crashing fighter jet and those  those bothersome puddles on the pavement Just another normal day in Penarth Town Centre – pedestrians have to wend their way past a crashing fighter jet and those…

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Benefits Scrounger…

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Having spent the majority of my adult life in full time employment and paying huge amounts in tax and national insurance from my weekly wage, I, like many others, including servicemen, health professionals and teachers foolishly believed that having paid into the system, our country may look after us should our situation change in terms of health or employment.

So after over 20 years of faithful service at my place of employment, I found myself no longer able to function in the workplace as my long-term schizophrenia became worse and my job that allowed me to work and function in near partial solitude was axed.

After a year or so of bouncing around the mental health sector, I became involved in numerous creative therapies & projects that allowed me to find coping mechanisms for my condition & hone my writing and performance skills, including a mental health theatre group for whom I wrote plays as performed by myself and other mental health service users in an effort to raise awareness of mental health issues, including 2 stage plays, 1 audio play and poetry CD.

I also had an album of my music released on a local record label that I had financed myself from my redundancy that raised money for the only school in Wales to cater to the educational needs of children with autism and with a live band of mental health sufferers, I was able to also use it as a vehicle to raise awareness of mental health issues. The album was considered for nomination in the Independent Music Awards.

In 2009, I found myself homeless, but am thankful that I have such good friends and family that allow me to couch surf between them, so as not to see me sleeping on the streets. And though my possessions have been in storage since then, until such time as I can afford a place of my own, I haven’t given up on my creative endeavours within the mental health sector. I have run creative writing groups, film making groups and been involved in numerous music and performance groups to promote Mad Pride and World Mental Health Day.

I’ve even had 10 books published, seven of which were in the running for the Welsh Book of the Year award. And though I barely get any sales and don’t turn a profit on any of my creative projects, I still feel that it’s an achievement that they are out there… I have been told on numerous occasions that my achievements are an inspiration to many within the mental health sector, not something I boast about generally, but seemed important to the context of this piece.

You see, all this time, after paying my way into the system for so many years and contributing my time and effort to the mental health sector, and despite my hardships, I didn’t doubt that my country would look after me. So imagine my surprise and upset to find that I am now deemed a benefit scrounger, like my years of paying into the system meant nothing. Now, my eyes are wide open…

Recently I have been contacted by the DWP (Dept of Work & Pensions) to tell me that my DLA (Disability Living Allowance) that I had previously been assured that I would receive for life is to axed & replaced by PIP (Personal Independance Payments) and that I have to apply for it anew… So far, after having filled out the form, Capita (The firm dealing with claims) have performed 3 alleged clerical errors in regard to dates & locations of the interviews, also deliberately antagonising myself or anyone who calls on my behalf, refusing to confirm anything, reminder letters with inaccurate information & phone calls, even on a Saturday afternoon to clarify the appointment, despite having confirmed it the day before in another phone call… The phone calls have since become daily… So I’m left to ponder, are Capita yet another bunch of incompetent govt sanctioned fools? Or is there a larger agenda to deliberately persecute & victimise mental health sufferers by messing with their heads to intensify their symptoms, so that they meltdown in the interview & can be escorted away by security for unruly behaviour & have their benefits stopped… It would look very neat & tidy in the paperwork with many less people claiming benefits & falling through the poverty cracks in our corrupt & decadent system… Or am I just being cynical & paranoid?

I mean, am I the only one who thinks that David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith & ATOS should be held legally & morally accountable for numerous breaches of the Human Rights Act & the deaths of the 10,600+ disabled British Citizens (73 people a week, according to statistics issued by the Dept of Work and Pensions *DWP*) that have died as a direct result of these degrading and demonising, fraudulent medical assessments that slash the welfare benefits of those who desperately need it… Some starve to death, some freeze to death, some can no longer afford needed medications or therapies, some end up homeless, while others commit suicide because of the desperate situations that they have been thrown into… Their blood is on these men’s hands… Nobody should have their medical evidence from doctors and specialists ignored or have to justify their medical condition to soulless pen pushers who disregard and ridicule them…

It’s inhumane and what is presently a human tragedy is quickly escalating into a culling & genocide of the more vulnerable members of our population… And while the disabled and vulnerable are forced to fight to hold on to a measly £131 a week, we find that the heartless head of this former death squad we call ATOS drew a £44K a week salary for what is essentially murder by order of the Government… I doubt American firm ‘Maximus’ who have taken over from ATOS, contracted for 3 years at a cost of £595M will be any better, dark times ahead me thinks… Amnesty International have named & shamed this government’s ever tightening austerity measures in a report that states: “Britain is leading the war against human rights”

At least Hitler made no secret of his agenda to cull the sick and disabled, which to my mind makes the Tories worse by definition as they lie and deceive and steal from those in greatest need for little more than profit and greed with such massive funds transferred from the poor to the rich largely unseen since the Thatcher era…

Funds slashed for public services, schools, hospitals, police, emergency services, disabled services, mental health services, disabled children’s respite services, bedroom tax, homeless shelters, food banks, maternity wings, drug & alcohol addiction clinics, slashing legal aid to stop the poor & vulnerable having any legal defence or questioning the legalities as our freedoms and entitlements are squandered and stolen, making people work for benefits instead of wages as they slip around the legalities of minimum wage and open the gate to the reintroduction British slavery for cheap labour so some inbred Hooray Henry secures a profit margin, with The DWP trimming the fat further with the culling of the needy & vulnerable members of society…

Meanwhile, MPs get free iPads, ridiculous pay rises & ludicrous expense accounts, an £8m state funeral for the most loathed PM in Modern British history, huge tax breaks and tax avoidance for politicians, big companies and corporations, bail outs for corrupt banks, illegal wars/invasions/occupations, holidays, trips and spending paid for from public money…

When you see Westminster and all the greed, selfish perks, lack of compassion, decadence, corruption, dodgy dealings, financial discrepancies, falsified statistics and scandals, you begin to realise that there is no longer any justice or accountability in the UK… And as you look around the House of Commons, you begin to see who the real benefit scroungers & thieves are… But I guess if they spread enough media propaganda & lies about the poor & vulnerable to build a class divide & televised distractions to hide their own illegal & immoral activities, the nation will turn on each other & ignore such unscrupulous, devious & evil behaviour & actions like illegal wars for profit, corporate takeovers/corporate political dictation (eg:TTIP) & the reintroduction of slavery under the guise of workfare…

For while the rich moan that they pay high taxes, they seem to forget that they have 90% of the wealth as they buy into the lies and propaganda that demonises the disabled and the vulnerable, and ridicules the poor with accusations that they are lazy & scrounge off the state and are living the high life on benefits by choice, while in reality they can barely make ends meet. What do they honestly think the London riots were about, if not of class divide in an escalating class war?

And all the while, they casually dismiss the fact that there are no jobs out there as the Government (Iain Duncan Smith) falsify statistics to make that class divide wider as they force disabled people and ex servicemen who fought for this country into poverty and onto the streets without discrimination or compassion in the name of greed and the procurement of wealth.

I would love to see the likes of David Cameron and others of his ilk be made to live on basic benefits for a year in a bed-sit without handouts in a Big Brother style TV show and see if they come out the other side spouting the same bullshit, lies and propaganda about the poor and disabled… I would pay to see that show and see if they hold the same contempt and lack of compassion and distinction between a war on poverty and a war on the poor…

In fact, maybe MPs should be made to work on minimum wage with no ridiculous expense accounts until the recession & national debt has passed as an example & inspiration to the rest of us on how it should be done & to prove we are all in it together & that they are not in it for themselves, but for the good of the country & it’s people… Besides, they are all multimillionaires, so it really wouldn’t be that much of a sacrifice for them to lead by example… I think they forget that they actually work for & are paid by the people & that the welfare benefit system is paid for by the people for the people, not for them to squander on frivolous expense accounts, illegal wars & unjustified pay rises…

I mean let’s face it, the only reason they wish to pull out of Europe is to not be hampered by such laws as governed by the court of human rights when our democracy slips into dictatorship & corporate fascism, leaving us defenceless as the likes of Monsanto & Nestle contaminate our food with GMOs, pesticides & chemicals and poison our water for greed and corporate profit, as fracking of our natural resources kills our lands and livestock and people. For who will weep for a declining poverty stricken majority when wealth and greed thrive in the privileged elitist minority.

But what do I know? I’m just a schizophrenic benefits scrounger…

This Vile Humanity…


Is it racist to hate humanity as a species?
Omnivore, mammalian primates
who hold their worth on a pedestal of hate,
valuing their trinkets and baubles
to greater importance than the lives
of their fellow men…
Skirmishes of invasion and occupation,
fought to justify territorial pissing contests
by those with shinier trinkets and bigger baubles
to acquire and steal resources
not of their native land
in the name of democracy
and freedom of the Western World.

Always striving to find greater
and more painful means
of killing each other,
weapons that can destroy the world
many times over… WHY?
Manufacturing and patenting disease,
creating and oppressing poverty
with propaganda and hate speeches,
that they may fear their betters,
so this elite may sleep better in their beds
as the one percent amass all the wealth
and control the modified food for profit
and the slow death of the underlings,
ignoring the lessons of the past,
poisoning the seas, raping the land,
choking the Earth in toxic dominance…

Greed, lies, hate, fear, war, territoriality, cruelty
and oppression, these are the true traits
and the legacy of this vile humanity…
This is what our histories aspire to,
our heroes are forged in war and baptised in fire,
we didn’t become the dominant species
at the top of the food chain
by embracing truth, justice, compassion,
kindness and sharing, and the irony
that we believe these are the true human traits
is laughable, yet this illusion allows us to sleep…

We oppress for colour, we oppress for gender,
we oppress for sexuality, we oppress for disability,
we oppress for religion and superstitious belief,
we oppress difference, we oppress change
We oppress the lesser species in acts
of cruelty and barbarism,
we oppress the Earth like parasites attacking the host…
We fight our evolution as we make our environment
adapt to us, while other species adapt to it…
It shames me that the stink of this brutal humanity
seeps from my primate pores…

For we are the true Monsters,
We are the Scourge of the Earth,
We are the Destroyers…

Terminator: Genisys “Ageing Theory” Vs Terminator: TSCC “Self Made Man”

Fair play, I’m loving the new “Terminator: Genisys” trailer, great twist on the original movie from Kyle Reese’s perspective as he lands in an alternate time line changed by the numerous time travel antics of 3 movies & 2 seasons based in the Terminator universe… In truth, I wasn’t too sure of the choice of Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor after seeing the publicity shots, but seeing her in action in the trailer have certainly rested a lot of those doubts… She has a certain young Linda Hamiltoness about her that draws a nostalgia to the original movies, plus she has the potential benefit of advice & wisdom from her “Game of Thrones” co-star, Lena Headey who played Sarah Connor (possibly the best portrayal of her for both depth & longevity) in no less than 31 episodes in the (Cancelled way too early) Fox TV show, ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’… And this is where I Segway the two, see what I did there? 😉

Now according to the new movie (T-Genisys), to accommodate Arnie being well into his 60’s, we are told that because the flesh on the chrome is living, we must accept that it will age… Now I’m down with that and I am more than happy to get behind it, but does that come at the cost of completely disregarding T:TSCC- Episode 20 ‘Self Made Man’? (Below is a brief synopsis from imbd & Wikipedia)

It is 1920 and people are celebrating New Year’s Eve. Suddenly, an electrical storm erupts inside the building, causing a fire.
John has been researching the three dots but nothing conclusive comes up. Sarah tells him to do laundry but then he turns it over to Cameron, who doesn’t need to sleep. It is later revealed that she spends her nights by visiting her friend Eric, at the library, who lets her in at night, with her bringing doughnuts. While searching through the library, she sees a man in a picture, comparable to a T-888 and asks Eric for help in researching. Cameron uses the library’s resources to deduce that it time travelled to the wrong date. The T-888, having accidentally killed the architect of a downtown landmark (Pico Tower) crucial to its original mission of assassinating the governor of California in 2010, (possibly a reference to Schwarzenegger being the Governor of California) it invented a new identity: 1920s Los Angeles realty magnate, Myron Stark. As Stark, the T-888 funded and designed the building itself before ensconcing itself inside a wall to wait for New Year’s Eve 2010. Cameron punches through the said wall where Stark was waiting and engages him, disabling his body by pinning it with an elevator before removing his chip.

Now the point that I’m making is that this T-888 Terminator, Myron Stark shut down his internal systems & essentially set an alarm to awaken him nearly 80 years later… Having been discovered & awakened early by Cameron’s intervention, it was clear to see that despite a thick layer of dust that had gathered on the T-888’s skin, clothes & hat that he had NOT aged at all, so we were led to believe that his flesh must have gone into some sort of hibernation mode when his systems shut down… Now I can get behind that too, but it does somewhat conflict with the ageing flesh theory of Terminator: Genisys… I just hope they address this…

I mean I could offer some theories as to why this might be, off the top of my head:
1. Because the Arnie model didn’t go into shut down mode, it wouldn’t need the flesh hibernation app…
2. Arnie’s basic T-800 or T-101 models don’t have the flesh hibernation app, while the T-888, being a more advanced model did…
3. James Cameron didn’t watch T-TSCC & therefore was completely oblivious that that concept had been covered in the series…
4. James Cameron’s word is law when establishing new concepts in the Terminator universe, even if they do contradict concepts previously explored…
5. The T-TSCC TV series has no bearing or continuity ties to the Terminator movie franchise (I hope that this isn’t the case, but I fear that it is, I would prefer to think they work in conjunction with each other, rather than being completely separate entities… But then, I had hoped that some medium would provided closure to T-TSCC too, but alas it wasn’t to be… 😔)…

I know, pretty geeky stuff, huh? Just an observational post to be honest, so please be nice if you choose to reply or wish to engage in discussion… Snidey trolls, Obsessive, self appointed, geek authorities on the subject of ‘Terminator’ posting rude, insulting or aggressive comments because opinions may differ from their own need not reply, nor will they be tolerated or even make it to the page, so please think before you post… That said, please enjoy the post… 😊

A Letter to an Unknown Soldier (Circa 1914-1918)


Dear Sir seems uninformed,
but I know not your name.
I know I owe my life and thanks
to all you overcame.
You fought and died, so we may live,
such selfless deeds are few,
many now live peaceful lives
and all in thanks to you.

Your world was such a scary place,
a Hell on Earth for sure.
Death, disease and famine stalked,
the price of brother War.
Trenches, sand bags and barbed wire
and guns that never stop.
No man’s land, the field of death
for those sent over top.

Thousands shot for cowardice,
when shell-shocked to the core,
friends ripped apart, machine gunfire,
as others cried ‘No more’
Land mines, rations, mustard gas
and soldiers young as twelve,
sent to Hell to fight the Hunn,
such depths they had to delve.

And what of dear old Blighty?
Did they win the day?
Millions lost to war’s recourse,
a debt we can’t repay.
Again I thank your sacrifice,
I humble in your wake,
the cost so high with so much loss
and all for future’s sake.

Without you, there would be no world
to watch my children grow,
where people take for granted
all the things they think they know.
You see, you’ve taught me sacrifice,
courageous heart so true,
the world is now a better place
and all in thanks to you.

Thank you…

Dedicated to all the brave soldiers who gave so much that we may live…