A Letter to an Unknown Soldier (Circa 1914-1918)


Dear Sir seems uninformed,
but I know not your name.
I know I owe my life and thanks
to all you overcame.
You fought and died, so we may live,
such selfless deeds are few,
many now live peaceful lives
and all in thanks to you.

Your world was such a scary place,
a Hell on Earth for sure.
Death, disease and famine stalked,
the price of brother War.
Trenches, sand bags and barbed wire
and guns that never stop.
No man’s land, the field of death
for those sent over top.

Thousands shot for cowardice,
when shell-shocked to the core,
friends ripped apart, machine gunfire,
as others cried ‘No more’
Land mines, rations, mustard gas
and soldiers young as twelve,
sent to Hell to fight the Hunn,
such depths they had to delve.

And what of dear old Blighty?
Did they win the day?
Millions lost to war’s recourse,
a debt we can’t repay.
Again I thank your sacrifice,
I humble in your wake,
the cost so high with so much loss
and all for future’s sake.

Without you, there would be no world
to watch my children grow,
where people take for granted
all the things they think they know.
You see, you’ve taught me sacrifice,
courageous heart so true,
the world is now a better place
and all in thanks to you.

Thank you…

Dedicated to all the brave soldiers who gave so much that we may live…