Sired in Desire… (Vampyre Erotica)


You tingle as I bite your skin,
You taste so sweet of lust within.
Lie back, embrace these sinful charms,
I feel your heat beneath my palms.
Know your flesh and strip your soul,
Be mine this night, I’ll make you whole.
My will shall hold you fair and true,
My kiss will draw your fear from you.
You tremble of my touch, my dear,
Your eyes betray your need for here.

Your gaze beholds my dark desire,
Such burning passion fuels your fire.
I lick my lips and taste of you,
Your savoured soul seeps through and through.
Tears of blood and beads of sweat,
Beyond retreat, beyond regret.
Heaving bosom, playful mouth,
Flicking tongue that journeys south.
Tasting essence, musk and warm,
So moist within before the storm.

You take me in your mouth so bold,
The lust beyond your fear takes hold.
Desire within has set you free,
You cry out ‘now be one with me’.
I lift your legs to touch your core.
You quake and shake and beg for more,
Licking canines, biting flesh,
Reeling of these passions fresh.
Thrusting ever deeper still,
You tense, you arch, you ride the thrill.

Hearts are pounding, gasping breath,
Building to our mini death.
Intoxicating frenzied fix,
As scent of blood and passion mix
As one we find our centred peak,
Fulfilled, beguiled and feeling weak.
Beholding pain and lust partaken,
Life ‘til now shall be forsaken.
Now you walk in twilight shades,
Beneath the moon as daylight fades.

Unbridled to this world anew,
As joy and pain shall live through you…
Remember now, our deeds this night,
When lust and blood shall cloud your sight.
To taste of me, your dark desire,
For I become your noble sire.
He who brings this life to you,
Bestowed to only chosen few.
Embrace the darkness deep inside,
And feed the demon’s lust with pride…