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Fritz O'Skennick: Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Author, Playwright, Novelist, Actor, Performer, film maker, photographer, comic book maker & Legend in his own Lunch time... It's okay to be impressed by me, don't fight it, many people are... 1. I am a novelist and have ten books published: a)"Touching the Darkness" is an anthology of my dark poetry b)"Fear the Reaper" is an dark, intense crime thriller with elelements of other genres including romance, drama, madness, drug culture & horror (not for the faint of heart) c) "The Darkness Verses The Light" is mixture of Light & dark poetry & a number of prose & short stories. d) "Fear the Reaper: Special Edition" (alternate cover version) e) "Who is John Doe?" is a supernatural/psychological Novella f) "Of Darkness and Light" is new poetry and collaborative works. g) "Dark Confessions" is a serial killer Novella h) "Gothic Tales" is a collection of spooky poetry & prose. i) "Schizophrenic Lullabies" is a collection of mental health related poetry & prose. J) "Embracing the Darkness and the Light" is new poetry & prose. COMING SOON: "Temporal Medium: Vol 1-3" Epic Sci-fi trilogy... 2. I am a Singer/songwriter with my band 'Fractured Persona' . We have an album out called 'UNspokeN', we are working on a 2nd album 'UNbrokeN' 3. I am a performance poet, I have a poetry CD: a) "Gothic Tales" 4. I am a playwrite, credits include 'The rise & fall of Frankie Golberg'(stage: Co-written with Simon Winkler) 'It could happen to you' (audio) & 'Who is John Doe?' (stage, soon to be an audio drama). 5. I am an actor, Credits include various productions for Orbit theatre, Phoenix theatre, 'Steppin out theatre', 'Progress Cymru' & more recently Dojo Productions. Film credits include: 'Bloody New Year' 'Rancid Aluminium', 'Lumps' & nearly 200 video titles on his YouTube page with OnTheFritz Productions

AIRSTRIKES in Syria? Really???


Wow sorry, I thought I was in Europe in 1939 for a moment, then I realised the fascist propaganda was demonising the Muslims instead of the Jews… Talk about history repeating itself… Refugees fleeing persecution, atrocities & death, disabled people discriminated against & killed in their thousands by government sanctioned policies, slavery of the lower classes in the guise of workfare & legal aid stripped from the poor, so only the rich can buy justice, slippery slope people… Oh crap, this time around we are on the side of the Nazis, how did that happen? But we are still fighting a rich man’s war, so on the plus side, at least we know we are still British…

Should we bomb Syria? NO, we should not… I cannot see any legal or moral justification to be involved in escalating an already tense conflict that could potentially spawn WW3… NATO are the terrorists, they have invaded, occupied & destabilised the whole Middle East in an illegal war, killing millions upon millions of Muslims for the sake of oil & corporate greed… Is it any wonder that groups like ISIS, ISIL & Al-Qaeda have popped up? We are the aggressors, they are fighting back in the only way that they can against superior firepower for their families & their lands… Blair, peace envoy to the Middle East? It’s like a really bad joke, isn’t it? Blair, Bush, Cameron, all war criminals who should be brought to justice & stand trial for their crimes against humanity…

Then there’s Israel… Israel are monsters, they may shout anti-semiticism & bang on about the holocaust, but the truth is they weren’t there to see it or experience it & the fact that they use it as justification & defence of their numerous atrocities shows complete disrespect for those who lived & died through the holocaust… To my mind, if you can imprison a people, bomb them, shoot them, kill their women & children & fire guns & tanks at their schools, YOU ARE MONSTERS, regardless of race, faith, colour, creed or wealth, YOU ARE EVIL MONSTERS & show no regard for the sanctity of life or compassion for your fellow human beings as any good faith would encourage you to do… Yet our governments & media paint them as our friends & allies…

And now the war machine takes us to Syria, because wow, all the previous bombing campaigns have brought so much joy & prosperity to the world, haven’t they? And you don’t think there’ll be any backlash from this? The only reason David Cameron is likely to want airstrikes so badly is that his corporate puppet masters are making money from it, so it gets him a pat on the head for being a good little lapdog & a nice little backhander to add to his accumulating millions… But not happy with just the genocide of the 91,760 disabled & vulnerable British citizens as a direct result of Tory welfare reform & benefit sanctions, now he wants to drag us into a war that nobody wants & kill the rest of us, despite what the right wing, Nazi, Murdock owned, media propaganda would have you believe…

Cameron is an abhorrent menace & a threat to national security who will be the death of us all… Surely now is the time to at least attempt to open talks & negotiate a peace, not escalate a war drive that will likely kill half the world’s population… But maybe that’s the point, maybe this is all just an elaborate facade to tackle overpopulation & cull a media driven, oblivious, willing, bloodthirsty public… Let the culling begin…



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Many thanks to all who took part in and attended MEGAVERSE@HUB Festival CARDIFF 2015 (A Spoken Word Oddysey) the pics are in…

Thanks to Katherine Whittington of Cardiff Events Newspaper The CDF for THIS!

But what IS Megaverse? info HERE

The following images are by (in alphabetical order) Dave Daggers, Will Ford, Terri Hoskings and Bridget Leggy Tanner

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Thanks again everyone, Thanks HUB, thanks Urban Tap House, we came, we saw, we concurred!


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Christopher Robin’s Last Great Adventure: Oh Pooh!!!


Christopher Robin ran to play
and skipped because he could,
to find his waiting friends within
The Hundred Acre Wood.
So many memories that he held
of games in childhood days,
adventures teaching many things
beheld in games he plays.

At Pooh Corner he did stop,
of Pooh there was no sign,
he sighed because no one was there
‘Where are those friends of mine?’
With heavy heart he walked back home
and sat in his old chair
and took the mirror from the shelf
to see his face in there.

The face within had hair of white,
with skin so loose and lined,
for Christopher Robin had grown up
and left poor Pooh behind.
He carried all his friends within
his heart as time had passed,
and told his children of them all
in tales that weren’t surpassed.

A tear that rested on his cheek
as sorrow rose to climb.
‘I wish that I could see my friends,
just one more final time’
So he stood and climbed the stairs
and snuggled up in bed,
closed his eyes and sighed out loud
to rest his weary head.

The Heffalumps and Woozles sang
and friends sat round for tea
with hunny pots and sticky fur
as Tigger bounced with glee.
He dreamed and smiled of youth again,
‘til something touched his hand
and woke him from his happy dream,
but soon he’d understand.

His friends had gathered round his bed
to visit him and see,
the friend they’d lost so long ago,
who’d held their memory.
Someone heard his wish that night,
and granted him his dream,
to visit friends from childhood days,
upon his conscious stream.

Pooh said ‘My you’ve grown so old
with cotton candy hair’
Rabbit tutted ‘Don’t be rude,
just show him you still care’
Owl nodded, Eeyore sighed
and Tigger bounced with Roo,
Piglet nervously approached
and smiled as old friends do.

And so they all climbed on the bed
and hugged their dear old friend,
who held them tight with joyful tears
of love that has no end.
So much he wished to say to them,
so much he wished to share
about how much he’d missed them all,
coz friends like these were rare.

Then Pooh said ‘Let’s play outside,
just like we did before
and find adventures all around
and through the woods explore’
Christopher Robin laughed and smiled
‘Oh Pooh Bear, I’m too old
to play the games we used to play
and live the tales we told’

Rabbit frowned ‘Oh dear, oh dear,
that’s simply not the case’
and held the mirror up for him
to see his youthful face.
‘It seems you have grown young again,
adventures wait outside,
so let’s go out and greet the dawn
and play where we reside’

Pooh Bear knew adventures wait
around the forest routes
as Christopher Robin smiled and then
pulled on his big black boots.
And so they all leapt from the bed
to play in woods sublime,
and waved goodbye unto the house,
they’d left that final time.

You see he passed away that night,
a smile upon his face,
from something lost so long ago
he’d found his happy place.
Forever playing with his friends
that made him feel so good,
chasing childhood dreams within
The Hundred Acre Wood.