About Fritz O’Skennick

Fritz O’Skennick: Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Author, Playwright, Novelist, Actor, Performer & Legend in his own Lunch time…

It’s okay to be impressed by me, don’t fight it, many people are…
1. I am a novelist and have ten books published:
a)“Touching the Darkness” is an anthology of my dark poetry
b)“Fear the Reaper” is a dark, intense crime thriller with elements of other genres including romance, drama, madness, drug culture & horror (not for the faint of heart) 
c) “The Darkness Verses The Light” is mixture of Light & dark poetry & a number of prose & short stories. 
d) “Fear the Reaper: Special Edition” (alternate cover version)
e) “Who is John Doe?” is a supernatural/psychological Novella
f) “Of Darkness and Light” is new poetry and collaborative works. 
g) “Dark Confessions” is a serial killer Novella
h) “Gothic Tales” is a collection of spooky poetry & prose.
i) “Schizophrenic Lullabies” is a collection of mental health related poetry & prose.
J) “Embracing the Darkness and the Light” is new poetry & prose.

COMING SOON: “Temporal Medium: Vol 1-3” Epic Sci-fi trilogy… (Temporary cover)

2. I am a Singer/songwriter with my band ‘Fractured Persona’ . We have an album out called ‘UNspokeN‘, we are working on a 2nd album ‘UNbrokeN’ 

3. I am a performance poet, I have a poetry CD: a) “Gothic Tales” 

4. I am a playwrite, credits include ‘The rise & fall of Frankie Golberg’(stage: Co-written with Simon Winkler) ‘It could happen to you’ (audio) & ‘Who is John Doe?’ (stage, soon to be an audio drama). 

5. I am an actor, Credits include various productions for Orbit theatre, Phoenix theatre, ‘Steppin out theatre’, ‘Progress Cymru’ & more recently Dojo Productions.

Film credits include: ‘Bloody New Year’ ‘Rancid Aluminium’, ‘Lumps’ & ‘Orange Malarkie’.


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