AIRSTRIKES in Syria? Really???


Wow sorry, I thought I was in Europe in 1939 for a moment, then I realised the fascist propaganda was demonising the Muslims instead of the Jews… Talk about history repeating itself… Refugees fleeing persecution, atrocities & death, disabled people discriminated against & killed in their thousands by government sanctioned policies, slavery of the lower classes in the guise of workfare & legal aid stripped from the poor, so only the rich can buy justice, slippery slope people… Oh crap, this time around we are on the side of the Nazis, how did that happen? But we are still fighting a rich man’s war, so on the plus side, at least we know we are still British…

Should we bomb Syria? NO, we should not… I cannot see any legal or moral justification to be involved in escalating an already tense conflict that could potentially spawn WW3… NATO are the terrorists, they have invaded, occupied & destabilised the whole Middle East in an illegal war, killing millions upon millions of Muslims for the sake of oil & corporate greed… Is it any wonder that groups like ISIS, ISIL & Al-Qaeda have popped up? We are the aggressors, they are fighting back in the only way that they can against superior firepower for their families & their lands… Blair, peace envoy to the Middle East? It’s like a really bad joke, isn’t it? Blair, Bush, Cameron, all war criminals who should be brought to justice & stand trial for their crimes against humanity…

Then there’s Israel… Israel are monsters, they may shout anti-semiticism & bang on about the holocaust, but the truth is they weren’t there to see it or experience it & the fact that they use it as justification & defence of their numerous atrocities shows complete disrespect for those who lived & died through the holocaust… To my mind, if you can imprison a people, bomb them, shoot them, kill their women & children & fire guns & tanks at their schools, YOU ARE MONSTERS, regardless of race, faith, colour, creed or wealth, YOU ARE EVIL MONSTERS & show no regard for the sanctity of life or compassion for your fellow human beings as any good faith would encourage you to do… Yet our governments & media paint them as our friends & allies…

And now the war machine takes us to Syria, because wow, all the previous bombing campaigns have brought so much joy & prosperity to the world, haven’t they? And you don’t think there’ll be any backlash from this? The only reason David Cameron is likely to want airstrikes so badly is that his corporate puppet masters are making money from it, so it gets him a pat on the head for being a good little lapdog & a nice little backhander to add to his accumulating millions… But not happy with just the genocide of the 91,760 disabled & vulnerable British citizens as a direct result of Tory welfare reform & benefit sanctions, now he wants to drag us into a war that nobody wants & kill the rest of us, despite what the right wing, Nazi, Murdock owned, media propaganda would have you believe…

Cameron is an abhorrent menace & a threat to national security who will be the death of us all… Surely now is the time to at least attempt to open talks & negotiate a peace, not escalate a war drive that will likely kill half the world’s population… But maybe that’s the point, maybe this is all just an elaborate facade to tackle overpopulation & cull a media driven, oblivious, willing, bloodthirsty public… Let the culling begin…



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