Terminator: Genisys “Ageing Theory” Vs Terminator: TSCC “Self Made Man”

Fair play, I’m loving the new “Terminator: Genisys” trailer, great twist on the original movie from Kyle Reese’s perspective as he lands in an alternate time line changed by the numerous time travel antics of 3 movies & 2 seasons based in the Terminator universe… In truth, I wasn’t too sure of the choice of Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor after seeing the publicity shots, but seeing her in action in the trailer have certainly rested a lot of those doubts… She has a certain young Linda Hamiltoness about her that draws a nostalgia to the original movies, plus she has the potential benefit of advice & wisdom from her “Game of Thrones” co-star, Lena Headey who played Sarah Connor (possibly the best portrayal of her for both depth & longevity) in no less than 31 episodes in the (Cancelled way too early) Fox TV show, ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’… And this is where I Segway the two, see what I did there? 😉

Now according to the new movie (T-Genisys), to accommodate Arnie being well into his 60’s, we are told that because the flesh on the chrome is living, we must accept that it will age… Now I’m down with that and I am more than happy to get behind it, but does that come at the cost of completely disregarding T:TSCC- Episode 20 ‘Self Made Man’? (Below is a brief synopsis from imbd & Wikipedia)

It is 1920 and people are celebrating New Year’s Eve. Suddenly, an electrical storm erupts inside the building, causing a fire.
John has been researching the three dots but nothing conclusive comes up. Sarah tells him to do laundry but then he turns it over to Cameron, who doesn’t need to sleep. It is later revealed that she spends her nights by visiting her friend Eric, at the library, who lets her in at night, with her bringing doughnuts. While searching through the library, she sees a man in a picture, comparable to a T-888 and asks Eric for help in researching. Cameron uses the library’s resources to deduce that it time travelled to the wrong date. The T-888, having accidentally killed the architect of a downtown landmark (Pico Tower) crucial to its original mission of assassinating the governor of California in 2010, (possibly a reference to Schwarzenegger being the Governor of California) it invented a new identity: 1920s Los Angeles realty magnate, Myron Stark. As Stark, the T-888 funded and designed the building itself before ensconcing itself inside a wall to wait for New Year’s Eve 2010. Cameron punches through the said wall where Stark was waiting and engages him, disabling his body by pinning it with an elevator before removing his chip.

Now the point that I’m making is that this T-888 Terminator, Myron Stark shut down his internal systems & essentially set an alarm to awaken him nearly 80 years later… Having been discovered & awakened early by Cameron’s intervention, it was clear to see that despite a thick layer of dust that had gathered on the T-888’s skin, clothes & hat that he had NOT aged at all, so we were led to believe that his flesh must have gone into some sort of hibernation mode when his systems shut down… Now I can get behind that too, but it does somewhat conflict with the ageing flesh theory of Terminator: Genisys… I just hope they address this…

I mean I could offer some theories as to why this might be, off the top of my head:
1. Because the Arnie model didn’t go into shut down mode, it wouldn’t need the flesh hibernation app…
2. Arnie’s basic T-800 or T-101 models don’t have the flesh hibernation app, while the T-888, being a more advanced model did…
3. James Cameron didn’t watch T-TSCC & therefore was completely oblivious that that concept had been covered in the series…
4. James Cameron’s word is law when establishing new concepts in the Terminator universe, even if they do contradict concepts previously explored…
5. The T-TSCC TV series has no bearing or continuity ties to the Terminator movie franchise (I hope that this isn’t the case, but I fear that it is, I would prefer to think they work in conjunction with each other, rather than being completely separate entities… But then, I had hoped that some medium would provided closure to T-TSCC too, but alas it wasn’t to be… 😔)…

I know, pretty geeky stuff, huh? Just an observational post to be honest, so please be nice if you choose to reply or wish to engage in discussion… Snidey trolls, Obsessive, self appointed, geek authorities on the subject of ‘Terminator’ posting rude, insulting or aggressive comments because opinions may differ from their own need not reply, nor will they be tolerated or even make it to the page, so please think before you post… That said, please enjoy the post… 😊


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