Cado Angelus…

Beneath such dark and angry skies,
as thunder roars its rage
and lightening blinds the night to day
and casts me to this age.
Through toxic clouds, I choke and gag
that burns to stumps, my wings,
no longer held in Heaven’s grace,
no more this Angel sings.

Such pain I’ve never felt before,
such fear I’ve never known,
“Why hast thou forsaken me
in mortal flesh and bone?”
No more to walk eternity,
no more to walk in Light,
no more my immortality,
no more may I take flight.

A soul bestowed unto my heart,
a gift that has its curse,
awareness of the sins of man,
a world I must traverse.
And so my broken body heals,
my last gift from above,
that I may stand and walk my path
until redeemed in love.

I find that I’m afraid to die,
yet too afraid to live,
without divine immortal grace,
I’ve nothing left to give.
A church becomes my sanctuary,
a priest becomes my friend,
I mourn the life I left behind,
the Light that has no end.

I see the darkness in their hearts,
corrupting purest souls,
I see the last days come to pass,
foretold in ancient scrolls.
I see the sides dividing to
the Darkness and the Light,
I see the Demons tempting souls
to walk eternal night.

With strength and faith, I’m unafraid,
and so my path is clear,
to find a balance in this world,
a reason that I’m here.
For all are tested on that path,
to know what’s right and wrong,
temptation in a test of faith
that shows where you belong.

“Forgive me Father, I have sinned,
and strayed beyond the Light,
I’ve seen the evil in their hearts,
the Darkness that they fight.
The Demons whisper to their needs
and rot their souls to loam,
so fickle that they frighten me,
oh please just take me home…



The Age of Austerity…


Ten thousand dead and nothing’s said,
and none held to account.
Waging war upon the poor
to hide the true amount.
Governments are all corrupt,
and so they blind your eyes.
Their slander propaganda,
just reveals their cold despise.

Fracking land in profit’s hand,
Earthquakes, death and pain.
Silent slaughter, poisoned water,
all for profit’s gain.
The Corporations grasp upon
our leaders wanton greed,
nestled with the vipers,
no regard for human need.

The system’s wrong, compassions gone,
too big to comprehend.
Mass distraction put in action
hide our coming end.
Gossip, lies and juicy scandel
hide horrendous deeds.
Wars all built on lies and spin
to hide the Corporate greeds.

And what occurs are lies and slurs,
divide the nation’s trust.
And so they turn all those who earn
on poor with lies unjust.
The enemies are at the gate
or so they’d have you say.
Do away with human rights
and let us have our way.

Our foes are near and so austere,
they lead our once great land.
They ascertain financial gain
with lies and sleight of hand.
The system isn’t working,
for it’s built on lies and greed
which victimises poverty
and those in greatest need.

Silent voices, corporate choices
feed the profit beast,
soulless bankers, greedy wankers,
take from those with least.
Property and ownership,
illusions we endorse,
’cause greedy bastards from the past
had stolen land by force.

Children crying, starving, dying,
things they have to change.
Giving all until you fall
to finance profit range.
It’s time to tear the system down
to see resources sent
to everyone around the world
and not just one percent.

Bravery in slavery,
the time to act is now,
Evolution, revolution,
break your shackles bough.
A march against Austerity
controlled by media voice.
Fifty thousand voices quelled,
imply you have no choice.

Clarity in charity,
and fight for what is just,
bring them down and take the crown,
the power that they lust.
Hold them all accountable
and give the people voice,
for crimes against humanity
and know we have a choice.