Strap my StraitJacket Tight…


When you lay me down to sleep,
ignore the tears I sadly weep.
Ignore the raging screams I cry,
ignore my shouts and questions why?
Ignore my eyes that plead to you,
ignore my Demon shining through.

Strap my jacket nice and tight,
Inject my meds to calm my night.
Ticking clock and gleaning sweat,
the twilight thoughts of lost regret.
Voices rage to fill my mind
and bleed into the shadows blind.

Taunting, tainting, makes me weak,
ignore seductive lies they speak.
Suppress my Demon breaking through,
beware the dreams he’ll promise you.
Beware his words of honey gold
and watch his games and lies unfold.

Warped distortions to my eyes
in worlds that burn and all that dies.
See beyond the looking glass,
sibyllic dreams that come to pass.
I can but watch as futures change
and shift within my vision’s range.

I can’t affect the hand of fate,
events unfold and so I wait.
With but a touch, I’ll see your heart
and know what tears your soul apart,
see your thoughts and life unfold
and know the secrets that you hold.

I don’t feel safe to be around,
It’s why I’m here so tightly bound.
Call me prophet, call me mad,
I’m lost in all the dreams I’ve had.
Kindly strap my jacket tight,
and bid to me a warm good night.



Sired in Desire… (Vampyre Erotica)


You tingle as I bite your skin,
You taste so sweet of lust within.
Lie back, embrace these sinful charms,
I feel your heat beneath my palms.
Know your flesh and strip your soul,
Be mine this night, I’ll make you whole.
My will shall hold you fair and true,
My kiss will draw your fear from you.
You tremble of my touch, my dear,
Your eyes betray your need for here.

Your gaze beholds my dark desire,
Such burning passion fuels your fire.
I lick my lips and taste of you,
Your savoured soul seeps through and through.
Tears of blood and beads of sweat,
Beyond retreat, beyond regret.
Heaving bosom, playful mouth,
Flicking tongue that journeys south.
Tasting essence, musk and warm,
So moist within before the storm.

You take me in your mouth so bold,
The lust beyond your fear takes hold.
Desire within has set you free,
You cry out ‘now be one with me’.
I lift your legs to touch your core.
You quake and shake and beg for more,
Licking canines, biting flesh,
Reeling of these passions fresh.
Thrusting ever deeper still,
You tense, you arch, you ride the thrill.

Hearts are pounding, gasping breath,
Building to our mini death.
Intoxicating frenzied fix,
As scent of blood and passion mix
As one we find our centred peak,
Fulfilled, beguiled and feeling weak.
Beholding pain and lust partaken,
Life ‘til now shall be forsaken.
Now you walk in twilight shades,
Beneath the moon as daylight fades.

Unbridled to this world anew,
As joy and pain shall live through you…
Remember now, our deeds this night,
When lust and blood shall cloud your sight.
To taste of me, your dark desire,
For I become your noble sire.
He who brings this life to you,
Bestowed to only chosen few.
Embrace the darkness deep inside,
And feed the demon’s lust with pride…



The Custodian Asylum Massacre…



Now the gates are locked up tight,
electric fence switched on.
Doors are bolted, windows barred
and so the staff are gone.
Although when I say they are gone,
I mean they’re just not here,
you wish me to elaborate?
Or is my meaning clear?

Fine, the doctors are all dead,
as are their other staff,
a punishment for cruelty
they dealt with hearty laugh.
Tortured by the implements
they used to bring our pain,
tools that brought the madness on
when messing with our brain.

You see the truth is when we came,
we really weren’t so bad,
until the treatments got too much
and drove us raving mad.
And so we now feel satisfied
that justice has been done,
our torturers have met their end,
which in its way was fun.

Breaking bones and staving skulls
with batons they abused,
smashing teeth and gouging eyes
with instruments they used.
Cracking fingers one by one,
such joy to hear them scream,
biting chunks from fleshy bits
like some surreal dream.

Electric shock with power full
that makes them screech and dance,
overdosing nasty meds
in chemical romance.
Scalpels probing, scraping bone
and digging for the nerve
to find the scream’s harmonic pitch
in pain that they deserve.

Strapped up naked to the beds,
with poems etched in flesh
that tell a thousand tales of pain
in wounds so raw and fresh.
Cutting lips from lying mouths
and tearing out their tongues,
leave them gargle on the blood
that’s filling up their lungs.

Bone saws taking skull caps off,
exposing naked brain,
skewers and scalpels cut within
and watch their fluids drain.
Worried eyeballs look around,
their minds just drip away
in clumps and chunks of gore and blood,
unique in death’s ballet.

To say we’ve had a busy day,
a truth without a lie,
to bring an end to cruelty
some bastards had to die.
The bodies have been stacking up,
we’ve stripped their flesh by hand
and minced their meat into the earth,
the garden’s looking grand.

You’ve caught us at an awkward time,
cause clean up’s never fun,
but now the patients are in charge,
a new age has begun.
I bid you welcome here tonight,
so welcome one and all,
please ignore the broken teeth
and blood stains on the wall.

I guess the moral of this tale
is just because we’re mad,
remember that there is no need
for you to treat us bad.
We’re still people through and through
and life for us is tough,
we don’t need someone on our case,
we suffer quite enough.

Often lost inside our minds,
cause we’re creative sorts,
expressing in our words and art,
our dark and chilling thoughts.
So if you need to bully us
to scratch that cruel itch,
keep in mind we may obsess
and payback is a bitch.