Working Class Hero: A Journey in the life…

1940, Liverpool 
as bombs fell all around, 
Julia, sweet Julia, 
your path in life is bound.
You bring an icon to a world, 
who dares to say ‘No more’
Its time we all ‘Give peace a chance’
And all say no to war…

But your life was cut so short, 
knocked down by drunken cop,
so lost the child you left behind,
was destined for the top.
‘Please watch over little John,
I know he’ll make you proud, 
bestowed to you, his Aunt Mimi, 
he’s sure to draw a crowd.’

Uncle George then passed away, 
poor devastated child, 
who built a rage so deep inside 
in acts that bordered wild.
‘John pick up these notes and scraps 
or I shall throw them out’
‘And one day you’ll crawl after them’
He said without a doubt.

Teenage years saw many pranks, 
and birth of rock and roll.
Johnnie and the Moon-dogs played 
to Mimi’s pride of soul.
Next the Quarry Men did play,
The Silver Beetles rise,
John, Paul, George and Stu and Pete,
took Hamburg by surprise.

Until once more as fate stepped in 
and took poor Stu away,
John’s best friend collapsed and died, 
yet still the Beatles play.
Devastated by their loss, 
they pack and leave for home,
Tavern bound to play their tunes, 
their place of birth to roam.

Soon, they’re drawing many crowds 
who come to hear them play.
Brian Epstein raised their game 
to Gods without delay.
Then George Martin took them on 
and soon they lost Pete Best,
And so came Ringo to the fold
at George Martin’s request.

‘Love me do’ & ‘Please, please me’
went sailing up the charts, 
to take the music scene by storm 
and touch so many hearts.
Interviews and screaming fans
and so The Beatles soared.
Mop-top hair and Beatle suits 
with gigs as crowds applaud.

John then married Cynthia, 
alas she was with child.
A secret life he had to live, 
amidst the parties wild.
Julian was born to them, 
but John would play away 
without a thought for family, 
so lost in the affray.

But the strain was just too much 
and John became so lost,
a king that loathed his fame bestowed, 
his mortal life the cost.
Movies came ‘A Hard day’s Night’
and ‘Help!’ a simple plea.
There seemed nowhere that they could hide 
where fans would leave them be.

And so as Beatle mania grew 
throughout the world of man.
America embraced this band,
the world, their biggest fan.
Filling out Shea Stadium, 
a screaming wall of noise, 
screeching louder than the tunes 
as girls out-screamed the boys.

That fateful day John said ‘We are
more popular than Jesus’
For John had uttered blasphemy, 
a Devil who’d deceive us.
America could not forgive,
and burnings then began 
of everything of Beatle brand 
in flames of hate to fan.

Apologies were not enough 
and homeward bound they flew, 
unsettled by the hate he’d caused
in words they misconstrue.
But pain and loss would follow them 
as Brian Epstein died.
The fifth Beatle, their loving friend, 
a life that fate denied

And then the Maharishi came 
to open up their eyes,
Sexy Sadie, hypocrite, 
made fools with all his lies. 
And so escaping from their lives,
exploring LSD,
Sergeant Pepper’s seeds were sown 
in psychedelic glee.

Again they took the world by storm 
as Sergeant Pepper reigned, 
and ushered in a trippy age 
of peace and love campaigned.
And so the world’s first satellite,
broadcast the Beatles live
and told us ‘All you need is Love’
that everyone may thrive.

Sadly that would be their peak 
as tensions fought to rise, 
resentments building up inside 
in words of cold despise.
Yoko Ono stole John’s heart, 
a love they shared so free 
and so the Beatles tore apart 
‘til all said ‘Let it Be’

And so began his protest work,
‘Give Peace A Chance’ his cry.
A week long bed in, in a bag 
to sing and just get high.
John and Yoko married 
and took the world aback
as drugs became an issue, 
from cocaine through to smack, 

Then moving on to solo work 
and Plastic Ono Band, 
working through a life of pain 
in haunting songs so grand.
‘Imagine’ was the turning point 
of working through the pain 
that brought to him a peace of mind 
he found hard to maintain.

Many battles fought in court, 
that got them to the States,
a ‘Clean up time’ for life and soul 
to face what then awaits.
But it wasn’t very long 
‘til John’s cruel jokes would wake 
as Yoko felt the brunt of it 
in lusts that he’d partake.

Womanizing was his game 
and cruel in words he’d say 
to publicly humiliate 
his love from day to day.
Until one day, she’d had enough 
and so she kicked him out, 
a lost weekend of fourteen months 
that left him full of doubt.

Yoko sent May Pang to him 
so he’d not lose his way 
upon the drunken path he walked 
that led him more astray.
Resulting in a short affair 
that grounded him to life 
and made him truly realize, 
he must win back his wife.

So for many months he tried, 
a humbled broken star
to try to make amends for all 
the games he’d played thus far.
Finally, her heart decreed,
and told him he was ready. 
But he must learn to give and take, 
embrace her heart so steady.

For now they’d found their inner peace 
and soon she was with child.
He devoted time with Sean, 
long gone his days so wild.
Yoko worked the business days
and he the doting Dad,
until he started to record 
new songs of thoughts he’d had.

And so the songs would tell the tale 
of love and fatherhood, 
of how his life had changed so much 
and all for greater good.
So tragic then that Winter day,
December 8th he’d die,
five bullets that would take his life 
by Catcher in the Rye.

I write these words because I must,
your life was such a gift, 
you touched so many hearts and minds 
and set our souls adrift.
For though you had your many faults, 
your flaws were those of man 
forgiven in the life you led 
before your song began.

You see you’ve touched my life so much,
inspired me to dream, 
to look beyond the surface veil 
and see the bigger scheme.
Artist, poet, songwriter,
a working class hero.
Thank you John, you’ve shaped my life, 
I wanted you to know…

Your friend always,



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